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USC wins $250,000 grant for space technology research

Staff Report
Published Sept. 26, 2013

NASA has selected University South Carolina to receive a grant worth about $250,000 for study of early stage space technologies.

The university’s proposal to study oxygen recovery via carbon dioxide electrolysis could be eligible for a grant covering an additional year of research, NASA said.

USC was one of 10 universities that the nation’s space agency selected for the grants, which are aimed at supporting research that addresses the technical needs the U.S. space program must master to enable future missions.

"A critical element of America's space technology pipeline rests in the cutting edge research in the early stage technologies conducted at the nation's universities," said Michael Gazarik NASA's Associate Administrator for Space Technology in Washington. "Through this investment NASA will continue to benefit from university-led R and D."

The selected technology research areas require dramatic improvements over existing capabilities for future science and human exploration missions. Early stage, or low technology readiness level, technologies could mature into tools that solve the difficult challenges facing future NASA missions, the agency said.

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