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Bluestar Silicones to manufacture new product line in York

Staff Report
Published Nov. 25, 2012

Bluestar Silicones announced it will manufacture its new line of Silcolapse brand foam control additives at its facility in South Carolina.

The product has a wide range of food and industrial applications.

In June, Bluestar Silicones opened a new 226,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in York. The facility is home to all manufacturing, as well as research and development, for Bluestar’s North American business.

"We're excited about this introduction because these new high-quality products are domestically produced and meet important performance requirements for our North American customer base," said Roman Radekevich, market manager for specialty fluids at Bluestar Silicones North America.

Silcolapse 623 and 621 are designed for industrial applications, such as oil and petroleum, textiles, pesticides, pulp and paper, plastics recycling, synthetic rubber processing, wastewater treatment and seawater distillation.

Bluestar, which has its world headquarters in France, produces its range of silicone technologies at the York facility, including liquid silicone rubbers, high consistency rubbers, room-temperature vulcanized silicones, fluids, dispersions, release coatings, specialty fluids, resins and antifoam. The products are marketed under its Silbione, Silcolease, Silcolapse, Lyndcoat and Bluesil trade names.